Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday April 29, 2012

Wow!  I can't believe it is almost May already!  The past month has flown by like a whirlwind!  I only have one week left of school.  YEA!!  I honestly can't wait for the summer break.  This past year has been tough.

I have so many things to write about, I am not sure where to begin.  I need to write little bits more often so when I do catch up, I am not writing a novel.  Ha ha ha!  (0:  I had the most amazing past couple of weeks at school.  At the end of March, I volunteered to have one young student added to my power hour group.  This particular student has Oppositional Defiant Disorder, and he was struggling in the enrichment group.  Wanting the experience of interacting with such a student, I was thrilled when they placed him in my group.  At first, I wasn't sure what to expect.  I was a little scared of him.  I had heard he could be extremely stubborn and often refused to cooperate.  I decided to take a totally different approach to the situation.  I prayed about this boy and specifically asked for help in working with him.  What followed was nothing short of a miracle.  This boy thrived in my group!  He participated.  He smiled.  He was great!  I did see, but only a little bit, the ODD aspects of his personality.  What really made my whole year was when he asked me if I could be his teacher next year.  I think he felt my belief in him and my concern for his well being.  I hope he did.  I love all of my students, and I want them all to feel good about who they are and what abilities they have.  What else was funny about this student was how much he reminded me of Austin.  The mannerisms, the hyperactivity, the impulsivity: just like my son.  That also made it easier to work with him.  When he got fidgety, I sent him for a walk.  I do the exact same thing for Austin.  When this boy was irritated and frustrated, I cut down the amount of work he had to complete.  I do the same thing for Austin in home-school.  These are the kinds of kids I want to help.  I want to be the one who steps in and gives them the tools to be successful in school and in life.  I guess in a way I kind of relate to the underdogs.  I was one of them.  School was tough for me.  I struggled with anxiety many, many times.  I wish I would have had someone who could have helped me understand my body and the way my mind worked.  I would have had a much easier time in school.  As it was, I spent a lot of time worrying if I would be okay.  At times, the symptoms of anxiety severely interfered with my ability to learn.  I don't want other students to struggle like I did.

I had another cool experience this week.  My temple recommend expired at the end of March.  I haven't been to the temple for couple of months, so I didn't realize it was time to renew it.  I was able to get an interview with the bishop last Sunday.  I went in for my Stake Presidency interview on Tuesday night.  President Maughan, our stake President, was the one who interviewed me.  He asked me, after looking at my former recommend, what brought our family to Logan, so I mentioned a little about Ashley and school.  There was a very strong spirit in the room while I spoke to this wonderful man about my sweet daugher.  After the interview, he asked me if I believed in impressions of the spirit.  Well, of course I said yes.  I know the Holy Ghost whispers to our hearts.  When the Holy Ghost whispers, we listen.  (0: He preceded to tell me he felt impressed that I should share Ashley's story at the upcoming stake conference.  I promptly fell over on the floor!!!!!  (0:  Or at least I felt like falling over!  I had such a burning feeling in my heart.  I knew it was what Heavenly Father wanted me to do.  Then of course, I was emotional for the rest of the night.  Ashley continues to bless our lives.  I see more and more blessings all the time.  My testimony has grown so much!  Even though speaking in stake conference scares the hee-bee gee-bees out of me, I feel so humbled to have the chance to speak about my amazing angel.  Somewhere out there is someone who will benefit from her experiences, and mine.  Now I need the spirit with me more than ever!!  What a wonderful opportunity to draw myself even closer to my Heavenly Father!!  (0:  I know, if I trust in Him, I will be blessed to be an instrument in his Hands and fulfill this assignment to the best of my ability.

Because of this speaking assignment, we are also going to complete Ashley's temple work.  The plan was to do that anyway, but now we have a set date to attend the temple as a family.  I can't wait!!  Jason completed the necessary paperwork so all that needs to be done is to take that paperwork to the temple.  My whole family is coming with us.  I know it will be a day to remember for ever and ever!!  (0:  I wish I could tell Ashley just what a blessing she was to us.  I hope she knows it was because of her that so many hearts have changed, so many lives are better, stronger.  We needed that little girl.  I pray every day I can be worthy to be with her again someday.  (0:

I just plain feel good about where I am in my life.  I love having the spirit with me every day.  I have worked hard so I am worthy to have the spirit as my guide.  Life is so scary!  You never know from one moment to the next what may come your way.  The trick is to be prepared ahead of time for the stormy times.  Jason and I spoke in sacrament meeting today about trials.  My topic was how to stay positive during the rough times.  The one thing that has kept me moving forward, that has helped me to see the positive side of the dark times, is my testimony of Jesus Christ and the plan of salvation.  Jesus Christ lives!  He atoned for our sins so that we can return to our Father in Heaven.  Death is not the end.  We will be resurrected someday.  We will be a family forever!  These truths have helped me to keep the eternal perspective always in my sights.  I haven't always been strong.  I wish I could say I was.  But I wasn't.  I almost lost the most important thing in my life.  I had to repent, and the way back was nothing short of hell on earth.  I am SO glad I am not that person anymore.  I will NEVER be that person again.

There is so much more I could write.  I have had so many wonderful spiritual experiences this week.  Unfortunately, time, and upcoming finals this week, are preventing me from spending any more time here.  (0:  The gospel is true!  I am so happy I have the gospel in my life!  (0:

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